Utopia Trip

May 2023

Recently three of our colleagues, Zoe, Lee-Anne and Taida embarked on a trip to one of our bathroom manufacturers Utopia. Located in Nottingham, they received a tour around theirwarehouse, and were presented with the new Origins furniture release.

Utopia Trip

Everyone was inspired by the innovative designs and depth in range of colours on display from blush pinks to darker, moodier navy tones.

Zoe was impressed with the unique colour combinations as they differed from palettes she was used to and contrasted to a lot of the more neutral tones the brand previously released.

Lee-Anne said the tour was fascinating, not only appreciating the new colours, but getting to see the manufacturing process first hand ‘it really opened your eyes to what goes into making the products that come into our showroom back in Inverurie’.

During the tour the team received a demonstration of Utopias new packing machine which builds boxes to perfectly fit the product.

“The lengths Utopia are going to in order to become a more sustainable manufacturer is really interesting for us as we are all consciously considering how we can affect change within our own business on our journey to Net Zero”

Utopia Trip Utopia Trip

Not only was it an exciting experience for the group, but it meant they gained some new knowledge of the products and their manufacturing process. We are excited that this can be reflected in new designs for our customers, adding greater interest and uniqueness, further elevating the customer experience.

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